Subject:How Long Does Pine Pollen Benefits to Be Noticed?

How Long Does Pine Pollen Benefits to Be Noticed?

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Pine pollen powder shows a good effect in boosting testosterone and makes one feel good about themselves and their health. However some people may wonder how long could I notice the change/benefits after I take the pine pollen powder?

The answer is that actually pine pollen powder could begin to take positive effect immediately on our health because pine pollen powder carries rich nutrition like protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. However you many not notice the big changes compared to previous. Everyone is different and some people notice the effects after a week, while some report feeling ‘enhanced libido or improved energy after a month or even longer.

The truth is, if you are eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis that you will notice results quicker. If one doesn’t eat healthy or do exercises then you might notice the fantastic results of pine pollen with quite a long time because your body is still in recovery from a sub-health state. You could feel the difference after you body reach to a balanced and healthy status, and this process takes time. Since the health status of each people is different, and then the time taken for each people will differ.

And what are the benefits to be obtained form the pine pollen powder? The direct results are improved mood, less anxiety, less stress, less fatigue and a better sense of wellbeing. How many supplements and prescription medicines claim to do all this? Too many. However, pine pollen powder actually is good at making one feel better about himself, this is because the balanced and complete nutrition that are necessary to human contained in pine pollen works. For more details on pine pollen powder nutrition, please refer to Pine Pollen Nutrition Facts And Their Benefits in our knowledgebase on our website.

The most wanted effects for many people are the increase of testosterone and androgen levels, and this can take some time because the drop of testosterone level for each person is different. Here are related information on pine pollen and testosterone as a reference. In some BBS or blogs, some consumers have posted their blood work publically to show the fitness community how well pine pollen does at boosting testosterone. Pine pollen works and it has increased the testosterone levels of men ages 35 and over within 1 month, however after 2 months the effects are much stronger. Some users have recorded pine pollen’s results, having reported improved libido within the first week, while some have reported improved libido after a month. Everyone seems to react differently to pine pollen powder, but only the length of time shows different.

Another point/factor may influence the effect of taking pine pollen powder is the dosage each day. Below are suggested dosage from a Chinese study:
General health preservation: 5g each time, twice a day;
Sub-healthy people: 10g each time, twice a day;
High blood sugar,blood fat and blood pressure and chronic hepatitis: 15g each time, twice a day;
liver cirrhosis, cancer and chemoradiotherapy treatment: 20g each time, twice a day.

More details please refer to Pine Pollen Dosage Researches and Intake Directions in another article.

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