Subject:Pine Pollen Dosage Studies and Intake Directions

Pine Pollen Dosage Studies and Intake Directions

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What Factors need to be Considered for Pine Pollen Dosage?
In modern life, pine pollen as a natural resource to nourish the body, support the brain development, promote the children growth, help various diseases and be applied in cosmetics; it has been highly recognized in the worldwide with regards to its rich and balanced nutrition. However there isn’t a unified standard for the dosage when pine pollen is as a health-care ingredient, so what is supposed to be considered to decide the dosage?

Intention/purpose should be firstly considered. Pine pollen is rich in nutrition and its functions mainly divided into nutrition supplement and medical application. However two functions are overlapped in some ways because there is no clear boundary. Based on its functions, pine pollen dosage is mainly for two intentions: one is to tonify and build the body including skin care; the other is to treat or alleviate some diseases. Generally speaking, dosage as a medicine would be larger than for general health preservation.

Secondly, compositions of pine pollen also need to be a reference. The compositions of pine pollen is complicated, it is not easy and accurate to measure its dosage because human body may have a certain quantity demand for one specific composition but still this could be a reference. For example, we can compare the daily intake of 7 essential amino acids for human body with the concentration/content of these amino acids in pine pollen to determine a dosage accordingly.

And in below sheet, we double the daily required amount of 7 essential amino acids as the intake amount and regard the concentration/content of lysine and valine which have the least existence in pine pollen as the basis. Then we could come out a conclusion that intake of 24 grams pine pollen could meet with daily required amount of essential amino acids.

Required amount and intake amount of 7 essential amino acids and corresponding amount of pine pollen

Amino acids

Required amount

Intake amount

Required amount of 
pine pollen at average(g)





























Actual effects/results of pine pollen intake also could be a reference to decide the dosage. Results/effects could be a reference/basis to evaluate whether the dosage is proper and scientific.

Applications of Pine Pollen in China
The Air Force Hospital in Nanjing China treated 212 cases of viral hepatitis type B patients with dosage of 12 pine pollen tablets (300mg/tablet) and found an obvious improvement after 3 months’ treatment. Beijing Weishu District Hospital treated 102 cases of high blood fat patients with daily dosage of 60 pine pollen tablets (300mg/tablet) for 30 days as a course of treatment and found 82 cases patients have recovered to normal level; and their cure rate of iron-deficiency anemia could reach to 77.4% for 31 patients with a daily dosage of 12 pine pollen tablets (300mg/tablet); also they have treated 30 cases of diabetes patients with daily dosage of 60 pine pollen tablets (300mg/tablet) for 30 days and found blood sugar of all the patients decreasing by 33% to 3.94 millimole/liter. Neurology Department of China Jinzhou Railway Hospital used pine pollen to treat 44 cases of cerebral arteriosclerosis patients with daily dosage of 10-16 pine pollen tablets (300mg/tablet) for two to three months and found a obvious improvement on their previous condition. China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) 520 Hospital treated 140 cased of prostatic hyperplasia patients with daily dosage of 20 pine pollen tablets (300mg/tablet) for two weeks as a course of treatment and found 140 cases with obvious improvement.

From above clinical experiments conducted in China, we could find the dosage showing a great difference for different diseases. And people could make adjustments based on different situations. And below are reference dosages of pine pollen powder for different purpose/intention:
General health preservation: 5g each time, twice a day;
Sub-healthy people: 10g each time, twice a day;
High blood sugar,blood fat and blood pressure and chronic hepatitis: 15g each time, twice a day;
liver cirrhosis, cancer and chemoradiotherapy treatment: 20g each time, twice a day.

Directions of Pine Pollen Powder Intake
How to take pine pollen?
1).Directly take a certain dosage pine pollen power with 40 degrees Celsius warm water, higher than 40 degrees Celsius may destroy the nutrition in pine pollen. This also applies to pine pollen capsule, pine pollen tablet and other pine pollen products.

2).Mix pine pollen with honey with a ratio of 1:2 in water, milk or beverages to neutralize the taste of bitterness and characteristic smell of pine pollen, which could improve the taste of pine pollen. Some people may even mix pine pollen with ice cream or liquor based on personal preference. However, temperature needs to be noted less than 40 degrees Celsius.

When to take pine pollen?
Many researches have shown that the best time to take pine pollen is 15-30 minutes before breakfast because it will result in a better absorption and effects with an empty stomach. For diseases treatment, the dosage will be larger and it is suggested to be taken in 3 times, 15-30 minutes before the breakfast, lunch and bed time respectively. Children also are suggested to take pine pollen in 2 or 3 times for better effects.

What is Course of Treatment to Take Pine Pollen?
With reference to many researches and clinical experiments, pine pollen intake need to be at least for 1 to 2 weeks for treatment of any diseases, and generally 2 to 4 weeks being as a course of treatment for a better effect since pine pollen is different from medicine and works in a moderate way with a longer period. And several continuous courses of treatment will consolidate the treating effect for serious diseases. For general health preservation, long-term consumption will brings a lot of benefits due to its rich nutrition and it’s suggested to take pine pollen in a smaller dosage as a long term nutrition supplement.

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