Subject:Where is Our Pine Pollen Harvested?

Where is Our Pine Pollen Harvested?

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The principal raw materials of Pine Pollen are from pollens of Chinese Pinus Massoniana Lamb which is a unique native species of pine tree in China, and it enjoys an exceptional advantage and reputation in terms of resource availability with a long history in TCM application. The areas in which it mostly grows range from Huai River and Tsinling Mountains in the north, to southern parts of Guangdong, Guangxi and Yunnan provinces in the south, southeast coastline and Taiwan in the east, and central parts of Guizhou and Sichuan provinces in the west, covering 17 provinces. It can be found in more than a half part of China, with the total resource in the area south to Huai River and Tsinling Mountains alone exceeding 20,000,000 hectares. Chinese Pinus Massoniana Lamb blooms in the spring every year. Each male cone produces about 157, 600 pollen particles. Each sprout produces 0.61g pollen on average, each square meter of tree crown 90.68g, and each hectare of plantation 755.7kg. Therefore, it is estimated that the annual yield of pollen from it alone could exceed 1, 500,000 tons in China.

And our Pine Pollen is gathered in the Yunnan Province in Southwestern China--an area roughly 152,000 sq miles, with the northwestern region displaying impressive mountain ranges and river valleys--including the vast pine forests. This part of Yunnan is the Tibet Autonomous Zone and is the foot of the most eastern edge of the Himalayan Mountains. This is where our pine pollen is gathered once a year. The Yunnan Province is home to the richest plant life of all of China and has been a top destination for many naturalists from the US and Europe because of its natural beauty and diverse plant and animal life. Because of the geographic isolation and the geographic nature of the northwestern area of Yunnan Province, the forests where our pine pollen is harvested from are far from industrial contamination. To further understand how is our pine pollen is harvested, please refer to our video on YouTube to show you WHERE AND HOW IS OUR PINE POLLEN BEEN HARVESTED.

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