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Horny Goat Weed Extract

Model: Icariin 10-98% HPLC

Horny Goat Weed/Epimedium Extract Powder
 Icariin 1-98% HPLC; Icariins 10-60% HPLC; Total flavone 10%, 20%, 30% UV; 10:1, 20:1 TLC
[Part Used]: Branches and Leaves.
[Solubility]: Soluble in ethanol(Soluble excelent in alcoholic drink).
[Appearance]: Brownish yellow to light greenish yellow fine powder.
[Particle size]: 100% pass 80 meshes.

Introduction of Horny Goat Weed Herb
Yin Yang Huo (Herba Epimedii)——Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Shen Nong’s Herbal)
Yin Yang Huo , Herba Epimedii, Xian Ling Pi
Origin: The part above the earth surface of the plants Epimedium brevicornum Maxim. , E. sagittatum (Sieb. et Zucc.) Maxim. E. Pubesens Maxim, E. wushanense T. S. Ying, E. koreanum Nakai of the family Berberidaceae.
Location: Mainly produced in 
ShaanxiShanxi and Hubei provinces in China.
Harvest: Collected in summer and autumn.
The actual smell and taste: without smell, slightly bitter.
Processing in TCM:  Sliced, unprocessed or stir-baked with suet oil.
Property: Sweet, pungent, warm; kidney and liver meridians entered.
Composition of the epimedium herb:
Epimedium herb has flavonoids such as icariin, epimedin A, epimedin B, epimedin C and baohuoside Iicariin, along with prenylated flavonol glycosides sagittasine A-C, acylated flavonol glycosides such as kaempferol, together with flavonolignans, 2-phenoxychromones, a lignan, and aromatic acid derivatives. Some of these compounds, particularly icariin, promote endothelial nitric oxide-dependent relaxation of blood vessels and hence can be of help for the treatment of erectile function and impotence. 

Which Specification of Icariin to Choose?
Epimedium herb(Horny Goat Weed) extract powders contain various different specification of icariin. The content is calculated as a percentage from 10% icariin to the most pure 98% Icariin. The quality element of Icariin is much more important than the strength percentages just mentioned above. There is a big difference for icariin and icariins---Icariin is a monomer that can’t be further divided without changing its chemical property while icariins are a compound contained in the herbs including icariin and epimedin C. Therefore whenever you are looking at a Horny Goat Weed extract product always make sure to check the part where it tells you which percentage of icariin the product contains and when checking this you need also to check whether or not the word icariin is spelt as simply “Icariin” or alternatively as “icariins” (the latter including a letter 's' on the end). 

The various grades of Iariin strength percentages mentioned above are important because icariin percentage can mean the difference between getting the desired results you need or failing to gain the best effects.  If a man who is perfectly healthy in sex but wants to see a boost in sexual vitality then a 10% or 20% Icariin supplement will be perfectly enough.  However, if you are a man who actually suffers from a reduction in sexual performance, whether it is low libido, and erectile dysfunction/impotence then ideally you need at least a 50% icariin or 60% Icariin in order to gain the maximum benefit possible from this amazing extract.

Indication of Epimedium Herb/Horny Goat Weed in TCM
1. Deficiency of kidney yang
It is indicated for impotence, male sterility, female sterility due to cold in womb, enuresis, frequent urination, dyspnea of deficiency type and other symptoms caused by kidney yang deficiency, because it can warm kidney and tonify yang. It is warm and dry in property and very strong in action of tonifying yang and treating impotence, therefore, it is very suitable for impotence and male sterility due to cold essence caused by kidney yang deficiency. For impotence and male sterility due to cold essence, it could be used as alcoholic preparation singly or combined with kidney-warming and yang-tonifying herbs, for instance, it is used with Ba Ji Tian(
Morinda officinalis), Tu Si Zi(Chinese Dodder seed) and Rou Gui in the formula Xian Ling Jiu from Yi Xue Qi Meng (Enlighten of Medicine). For kidney yang deficiency accompanied with insufficiency of kidney essence, it is combined with kidney yang and kidney essence tonics, for instance, it is used with Xian Mao, Ba Ji Tian, Gou Qi Zi(Goji Berry) and Shu Di Huang in the formula Zan Yu Dan from Jing Yue Quan Shu. For kidney yang deficiency, and sterility due to cold in womb, it is combined with kidney-yang-tonifying, blood and essence-supplementing herbs, for instance, it is used with Lu Rong(Deer Antler Velvet) and Zi He Che. 

2. Wind, cold and damp arthralgia
It is very suitable for chronic arthralgia, weak tendons and bones due to the disease affecting liver and kidney, or kidney yang deficiency with weak tendons and bones attacking by wind-damp arthralgia, because it can tonify kidney yang, strengthen tendons and bones, and dispel wind-damp, which is similar to Ba Ji Tian(Morinda officinalis), but stronger in tonifying kidney yang, curing impotence and flaccidity because of its warm and dry properties. It i.s commonly combined with herbs to tonify kidney and liver, strengthen tendons and bones, and dispel wind-damp. For wind-cold-damp arthralgia, pain in lumbar and feet, limpness of limbs, for instance, it is used with Du Zhong, Fu Zi, Bi Xie in the formula Xian Ling Pi (Yin Yang Huo) San from Sheng Hui Fang.

Modern Researches
Modern pharmacological studies have shown that epimedium extract and its active ingredients and has a wide range of physiological activity, and found many new pharmacological effects and new application.

1.Pomote men health
Growing body of research shows that isolated Icariin(
Epimedium extract) inhibits the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5(PDE-5) and significantly increase nitric oxide synthase, helping to improve erectile function in multiple models. Studies also indicate that isolated Icariin increase circulating testoserone levels. However, unlike prescription medications, epimedium does not work in an hour or two. It normally takes several days for the sexual benefits to be noticed. 

2. Regulate immune function
Epimedium extract can enhance the body's non-specific immune function and immune function, regulate humoral immune function and its main active ingredient are icariin and epimedium polysaccharide. Epimedium flavonoids and polysaccharides can significantly enhance the phagocytosis rate and index of macrophage on chicken erythrocytes. They also can significantly antagonize phagocytosis decrease of monocyte- macrophage of mice caused by phosphamide. Meanwhile it has a two-way adjustment function on macrophages secreting interleukin-1 (IL-1 ) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF). 

3. Promote bone growth
Epimedium extract has a " bone-tonifying " effect on the prevention and treatment of osteoporosi. Epimedium extract and epimedium compound preparations have an antagonistic action on osteoporosis caused by long-term taking of glucocorticoid antagonism. To observe the effect of total flavonoids of epimedium on osteoblast and osteoclast, sD neonatal rat osteoblasts and osteoclasts are obtained by using enzyme digestion and mechanical separation method in vitro, and then different concentrations of epimedium flavonoids are added to the culture medium to observe the Proliferation, differentiation and mineralization function of osteoblasts and to observe the number and form of osteoblasts by using tartrate resistant acid phosphatase staining and then analyze the number and area of bone resorption pits on bone slices via Image Pro Plus Software. The results show that Epimedium Flavonoids can reduce the number of osteoclasts in vitro and weaken osteoclast absorption function by affecting the osteoblast proliferation, differentiation and mineralization for promotion of bone formation.

4. Anti-aging effect
Experimental studies have shown that the T and B lymphocyte proliferative response function can be decreased caused by D -galactose induced subacute aging model mice; while 
epimedium extract flavonoids can make a significant recovery as well as significantly improve the aging mouse spleen SOD activity and reduce the formation of heart & liver tissue lipid peroxidation and lipofuscin. Epimedium polysaccharides and flavonoids compounds can increase the level of amine neurotransmitter in the hypothalamus of aging male rats, inhibiting the aging mouse brain cholinesterase activity, increasing brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine levels , improving learning and memory abilities of rats and aged mice. All these researches suggest that Epimedium Flavonoids can significantly enhance the body 's regulation of neuroendocrine function network, maintain a stable internal environment, thereby delaying aging.

5. Benefits for the heart and brain vascular system
Epimedium extract Flavonoids can inhibit the strength and frequency of atrial muscle and parallel the positive dose-response curve that isoproterenol working on atrial muscle to the right; however no calcium antagonism and M receptor agonist effects are found. This shows that Epimedium Flavonoids can selectively blcok myocardial pl receptor while has no block effect on trachea receptor and vascular smooth muscle receptors.Infusion of epimedium decoction or alcohol leachate to a toad heart or injection of epimedium decoction to the reign of toad heart can significantly increase myocardial contractility and recover the myocardial contractile force of heart failure induced by sodium pentobarbital. Epimedium decoction ethanol leaching solution is intravenously injected to rabbits, rats and cats, showing its antihypertensive effect. Intraperitoneal injection of epimedium flavonoid glycosides can inhibit the rise in blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats and reduce stroke mortality. Epimedium’ antihypertensive effect is primarily to expand the peripheral vessel and reduce peripheral resistance.

Certificate of Analysis

General Information
Botanical Name: Epimedium brevicornum Herbal Part Used Leaves&branches
Item                        Specification                  Method                                     Result
Physical Property                                                                                                    
Appearance Fine Powder Organoleptic                         Conforms
Color Light yellow Organoleptic                         Conforms
Odour Characteristic Organoleptic                         Conforms
Particle Size 80 mesh size USP32<786>                        Conforms
General Analysis                                                                                                     
Identification Identical to R.S. sample HPLC                Conforms
Icariin 98% HPLC                                       98.14%
Loss on Drying ≤5.0% Eur.Ph.6.0[2.8.17]                     3.19%
Ash ≤5.0% Eur.Ph.6.0[2.4.16]                     3.40%
Solvents Residue Meet Eur.Ph6.0<5.4> Eur.Ph 6.0<2.4.24>              Conforms
Pesticides Residue Meet USP32<561> USP32<561>                        Conforms
Lead(Pb) ≤3.0mg/kg Eur.Ph6.0<2.2.58>ICP-MS             2.1
Arsenic(As) ≤2.0mg/kg Eur.Ph6.0<2.2.58>ICP-MS             1.5
Cadmium(Cd) ≤1.0mg/kg Eur.Ph6.0<2.2.58>ICP-MS             0.6
Mercury(Hg) ≤0.1mg/kg Eur.Ph6.0<2.2.58>ICP-MS           0.07
Microbiological Index                                                                                              
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g USP30<61>                                   119
Yeast &Mold ≤100cfu/g USP30<61>                                     40
E.Coli. Negative USP30<62>                          Conforms
Salmonella              Negative                        USP30<62>                          Conforms
Shelf Life 24 months under the conditions below, no antioxidant used



Standard packed in fiber-drum and two plastic bags inside
N.W: 25kgs. I.D. 35 x H51 cm;
Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen
Manufacturer Xian TCM Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd
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