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Pine Pollen Capsule

Model: 0.5g/capsule

Pine Pollen Capsule
[Botanical Source]:
 Pinus Massoniana Lamb
[Material used]: Cell wall cracked pine pollen(300mesh)
[Specification]: 10% protein, 0.5g/capsule,plant-derived capsule
[Dosage]: 2-4 capsules a time, twice or three times a day


A research co-conducted by Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, China PLA General Hospital, and Institute of Nutritional Physiology (European Research Center of Microelement Metabolism), Technology University of Munich, Germany, has been proved that pine pollen contains all the nutrition necessary to a most long-lived life. And these nutrition includes:
* Various proteins,
* Nearly 20 kinds amino acids,
* Over 30 minerals and microelements,
* 14 vitamins,
* Nearly 100 enzymes and coenzymes necessary to the body,
* More than 200 other nutrients such as nucleic acids, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, cellulose, unsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids.

Meanwhile, pine pollen contains all the 8 essential amino acids, namely, threonine THR, valine VAL, methionine MET, isoleucine ILE, leucine LEU, phenylalanine PHE, lysine IYS, and tryptophan TRP, with the proportion of each content being mostly consistent with the standard established by WHO(World Health Organization). Pine pollen is regarded as a “whole nutriment” in Europe, a “source of health and beauty” in
Japan, and a “natural miniature nutritional reservoir” in China.

Every grain of pine pollen is a biologically active entity. Proven by scientific research, in the first 48 hours after the fertilization of the pistil of pine pollen, the size of the embryo would expand into 100,000 times larger. This indicates that all the nutrients are bioactive. By utilizing the low-temperature cell-breaking technology which is derived from the spaceflight industry, the cell wal breaking/cracking rate of pine pollen is as high as 99%(observed under microscope). Thus the nutrients and bioactive material of pine pollen can be fully released and more easily absorbed by the body.

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