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Cell Cracked Pine Pollen Powder

Model: Cell-broken ratio>98%; Protein>10%

Cell Cracked Pine Pollen Powder
Botanical SourcePinus Massoniana Lamb
Specification: Cell-broken ratio>98%; Protein>10% 
Particle Size: 300 mesh
Appearance: Light yellow fine powder
Benefits: Enhance immunity and boost testosterone level
Types of Pine Pollen Products:
Raw Pine Pollen Powder(Shell Unbroken/Cell Uncracked)
Pine Pollen Powder(Shell Broken/Cell Cracked)
Pine Pollen Tablet (Pure Pine Pollen Powder)
Pine Pollen Tablet(Blended with 30% Lion's Mane Extract)
Pine pollen 10:1 Extract
Pine Pollen 20:1 Extract
Pine Pollen Capsule
Pine Pollen Powder(5*100g, Retail)

Brief Introduction
Pine pollen powder tends to refer to pollen wild harvested for commercial use from the genus Pinus such as Pinus sylvestris or Pinus massoniana  and other pine tree species. There are more than 100 species of the genus Pinus, but only a few of selected species are used for their outstanding benefits. The pine pollen was widely used throughout Asia, particularly in
China and Korea, for its nutritional value as well as a longevity tonic for boosting energy levels and building immune health. Recorded in the Chinese masterpiece “Shennong's Herbal Classic”, the earliest use could date back to the Han dynasty over 2,000 years ago. Nowadays pine pollen powder is still used in China and Korea as a food and health-care supplement.

Pine pollen powder contains
over 200 bioactives including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, trace elements and other super nutrients in every single serving. In addition to above regular nutrients, pine pollen powder also carries significantly high amounts of testosterone and a complex of other androgens and phytosterols. This brings the pine pollen powder the benefits to balance the ratio between the sex hormones, androgen and estrogen. Our pine pollen powder is collected from the Pinus Massoniana from the mountainous regions at an altitude of 500-800 meters far from the modern industrial contamination. The pine pollen powder is processed under a low temperature with high speed airflow cell-cracking technology, ensuring above 98% of the pine pollen cell walls being cracked for a high absorptivity.

Manufacturing Process
1. Raw Pine Pollen harvested from pine trees
2. Remove the impurities by
Airflow Separation technology
3. Break the wall by High-speed Airflow Cell Cracking Technology
4. Pass through 300 mesh vibrating screen
5. Packing
6. Sterilization
7. Detection of physicochemical index
7. Put in storage

Pine Pollen Benefits
Enhance Immunity
Pine pollen powder provides a broad spectrum of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, all essential amino acids, trace elements and antioxidants. As an adaptogen, pine pollen powder can help us build resistance to daily depression and act as a restorative agent to boost immune function, providing genoprotective properties that can protect us against radiation and other chemicals we may contact in daily life like from food, office, atmosphere and other surroundings. Pine pollen powder contains beneficial antioxidants like glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Glutathione is necessary for the metabolism of certain vitamins and minerals, like iron, vitamin C, vitamin E and is involved in amino acid transportation. It also can prevent cancer cells from growing, neutralizes free radicals and is important for DNA synthesis and production. In addition, glutathione contains a kind of enzyme named as Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs), which is a powderful liver-detoxifying enzyme. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) as an anti-aging nutrient and natural antioxidant enzyme tends to decrease as we age; however it plays an important role in scavenging free radical and preventing DNA damage. Pine pollen powder then could be a better natural source to offer enough glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD) for human body.

Balance Androgen and Estrogen
Pine pollen powder carries one of nature's most potent sources of androgenic substances known as testosterone, androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and androsterone. In Stephen Buhner’s book "Pine Pollen, Ancient Medicine for a New Millennium", he writes that pine pollen powder is a "potent overall tonic to the body and its functioning, powerful nutritive and exceptionally effective androgen which raises testosterone levels in the blood and balances the androgen/estrogen ratio." Estrogen and androgen are major sex hormones in human body and can be biosynthesized to optimize certain endrocrine functions. We all know androgens include commonly-known testosterone and androstenedione as well as the group of estrogens such as estrone, estriol and estradiol, actually it also includes a third class of sex hormones called progestogens like progesterone. There are both androgen and estrogen compounds in the male and female body, the difference is that men produce a larger quantities of androgens than women and likewise the women produce a larger amounts of estrogens.
 Imbalance in androgens and estrogens in the body, we will suffer from issues like weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, depression and even more serious conditions. As we mentioned above, pine pollen powder could boost the testosterone level in the body, which makes it an exceptionally valuable supplement to middle aged adults who undergo a significantly decrease in testosterone, DHEA and androstenedione. Testosterone level peaks at during age of the 20 to 30, and then it will gradually decline after male andropause and female menopause.

Pine pollen products (powder, tablet, capsule and extract) can be used as an aphrodisiac to help promote sex drive and maintain healthy libido levels for both male and female who are with lower testosterone level. Compared with women, men require more androgen thus pine pollen could be regarded as a sex supplement to stimulate the sperm production and help impotence. Besides physical benefits, testosterone also could help to promote feelings of well being, uplift the mood, excite the will powder and enthusiasm for life. Phenylalanine found in pine pollen as an L-dopa precursor which helps to stimulate dopamine levels in the brain. In many researches, L-dopa is believed to act as a natural antidepressant; which makes pine pollen powder gains this function in an in-direct way.

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