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Pine Pollen Tablet

Model: 100% Pine Pollen, 10% protein, 0.5g/tablet

Pine Pollen Tablet 
[Botanical Source]:
 Pinus Massoniana Lamb
[Material used]: Cell wall cracked pine pollen(300mesh)
[Specification]: 10% protein, 0.5g/tablet
[Appearance]: Light yellow fine tablet
[Dosage]: 3-4 tablets a time, twice or three times a day according to individual intention

As An Almighty Adaptogenic Nutrition Storeroom
Pine trees provide human with an adaptogenic miracle every Spring season. You may notice these dust-like yellow powder floating in the air when the male catkins of the pine’s branches drop their pollen every spring. As a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pine pollen has been used as a drug and food for thousands of years. Pine pollen has an effect in the treatment of different kinds of diseases such as colds, disease of the prostate, anemia, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and rhinitis. Pine pollen is collected artificially from Pinus massoniana Lamb or Pinus tabulaeformis Carr in
China, and it has the characteristics of a single pollen source, pure quality, and is a stable component. Pine pollen powder, called “natural micronutrient storeroom,” is rich in many kinds of bodydemanding amino acid, minerals, vitamin, enzyme, and flavonoids.

Pine Pollen is not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also being a medicine human could take on an on-going basis to promote bodily functions and prevent degenerative conditions as well. Pine Pollen is especially potential to increase immunity and endocrine function, reduce sensitivity to pain, lower cholesterol, stimulate liver regeneration as well as an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and anti-tumor substance. Possible benefits that pine pollen bears:
• Promotes longevity with specific anti-aging compounds and substances;     
• Remarkably improves your vitality and stamina;     
• Increase male fertility by promoting sperm production thus a enhanced libido;     
• Balances the Estrogen and Testosterone in Women and Men;     
• Help sexual dysfunction caused by low androgen levels;     
• Improves overall health and immunity as a daily health preservation supplement;     
• Improves skin elasticity (anti-aging) to be used orally or external application;     
• Clears acne&age spots and help wound healing for external use;

Balance the Estrogen and Testosterone levels
Pine Pollen is also an androgen which means that it has the ability to raise testosterone levels effectively, as a naturally derived source of testosterone. Pine Pollen raises the testosterone levels in the blood and balances the ratio of androgens to estrogen. What bring the pine pollen with such effect on the hormonal levels are the sterols it carries. The sterols are basically plant steroids to help pine tress grow, which also could benefit humans in testosteronee enhancement.

Pine Pollen can show a remarkable effect to reduce size of enlarged prostate, while also could increase its size or prevent atrophy if it is too small. Pine Pollen contains phenylalanine, which is associated with neurotransmitters in the brain. Phenylalanine stimulates dopamine levels in the brain and is a L-dopa precursor. L-dopa has been known to specifically treat a woman’s inability to have an orgasm. Pine Pollen contains arginine, which improves fertility in women and men, as well as, increases growth hormone release. Women also have the possibility to become testosterone deficient, resulting in symptoms of lack of libido, fatigue, decline in mood/ well-being, unexplained bodily changes, sleep disturbances and so on. It is also important for women to maintain healthy levels of testosterone. This becomes even more important when women enter their menopausal years. During menopausal years, women will have a serious decline in testosterone levels, which is a direct reason why women tend to lack a libido and frequent shift of their moods. Pine Pollen could be a perfect supplement for women going through their menopausal years and ease the symptoms they experience during menopausal stages.

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