Subject:Pine Pollen Powder Maintains a Healthy Prostate

Pine Pollen Powder Maintains a Healthy Prostate

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As the the reproductive gland of men, prostate is a very important organ. The function of the prostate is to secrete a slightly alkaline fluid, milky or white in appearance, that in humans usually constitutes roughly 30% of the volume of the semen along with spermatozoa and seminal vesicle fluid. Semen is made alkaline overall with the secretions from the other contributing glands, including, at least, the seminal vesicle fluid. The alkalinity of semen helps neutralize the acidity of the vaginal tract, prolonging the lifespan of sperm. The prostatic fluid is expelled in the first ejaculate fractions, together with most of the spermatozoa. In comparison with the few spermatozoa expelled together with mainly seminal vesicular fluid, those expelled in prostatic fluid have better motility, longer survival and better protection of the genetic material. The prostate also contains some smooth muscles that help expel semen during ejaculation. However as the men aged, they may suffer from some chronic disease in prostate, such as Prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) which is commonly found in middle-aged and elder males. And it may cause such symptoms as frequent urination, uncontrollable urge to urinate, difficulty urinating, as well as too many complications, such as inflammation of the urethra, bladder stones, and impaired function of kidney and so on.

After entering middle age, connective tissue in the prostate begins its proliferation which will cause a severe increase in prostate volume. And this increase may be 10 to 15 times larger than conventional volume. The enlarged prostate will result in a compression of the urethra and bring the above mentioned symptoms. It’s very dangerous for men to live with prostatitis for a long time without treatment because there is chance to cause the tissues of the prostate malignant hyperplasia even cancer in some patients. With reference to existing statistics, more than half of above 50 years’ old men have varying degrees of disease in prostate. And the number of patients increases to 75% with the increase of age after 50 years old. This condition greatly influences the health and quality of life for elder people.

At present, different methods and medicines for the treatment of prostate diseases is not thoroughly enough because the prostate capsule block the permeability of medicine and also the blood circulation in prostate is insufficient. This cause the difficulty for medicines to reach a necessary concentration in prostate thus the therapeutic effect is not good. However in many clinical studies in
China and abroad, the results showed that intake of pine pollen powder could help to solve this problem. Since pine pollen powder is with no toxic effect compared with medicines, and then it can be used in a long-term treatment. One Professor of Medicine in University of Tokyo wrote in his article: “ In the past, prostatitis treatment require a very long time, but now with the use of drugs of pine pollen within a short time an improvement in symptoms, and the efficiency reaches more than 80%.” Meanwhile, Romanian endocrinologists researched on 150 cases of prostatitis treatment with the help of pine pollen powder and found that the cure rate could up to 70%.

Pine pollen powder contains a broad range of nutrition such as proteins, vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and others. These substances bring a complex effect on the human body to regulate the body functions, balance the body nourishment, promote the metabolism and remove barriers to cross-capillaries. Also the plant steroid in pine pollen powder could stimulate the growth of internal secretion, balance the estrogen and androgen for a healthy endocrine system. A healthy endocrine system will greatly reduce the possibilities of prostate diseases.

The level of androgen in male body determines whether men can maintain a normal development and physiology of the prostate or not. This could be achieved by maintaining the balance between the estrogen and androgen because occurrence of prostate hyperplasia is associated with the imbalance in the endocrine system. More than 20 kinds of compositions in
pine pollen powder such as glutamic acid, proline and other amino acids can effectively help to improve the blood flow in the prostate tissue, reduce swelling, and eliminate the urethra blockage caused by hyperplasia of the prostate. Also the flavonoids in the pine pollen powder possess a strong antioxidant property; it can also make contribution to the treatment of prostate hyperplasia. Moreover in a recent study, the scientist found that prostaglandin E1 is vital for the regulation of T cell function, especially its function to increase the body’s resistance to cancer.  And production of prostaglandin E1 is under the influence of daily dietary factors. Sufficient supplement of nutrition like linoleic acid, linolenic acid, zinc, vitamin B6 and vitamin C and so on could promote this process; while deficiency of these elements will result in a declined production of prostaglandin E1 and a corresponding weak of T-cell function. As we all know, pine pollen powder is a “Superfood” containing rich nutrition including protein, amino acids, trace elements and a lot of other elements required by our body. Therefore, pine pollen powder could be
a good choice to maintain a healthy prostate as well as to treat the diseased prostate; most importantly, there are no side effects due to its natural source.

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